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We are the Las Vegas Marathon 21 Club
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We are a group of runners, ranging from our twenties to our seventies, who met on the Las Vegas Marathon message board and plan to run the Las Vegas Marathon for twenty-one consecutive years.  We find this goal not only challenging, fun and rewarding but also totally sane.

We came together, in “real life”, after the running of the Inaugural New Las Vegas Marathon in December 2005.  It was like magic.  The group who’d previously hidden behind their computer screens and training stories was now together.   It didn’t take long for several of us to figure out how great this was, and how we didn’t want it to end.

Through a lot of brainstorming, hard work and BIG thinking, our club was soon more than just a wild idea.  The conclusion was clear:  If the first one was so good, twenty more would only get better.  The club was born.

Over the last couple years, The Las Vegas Marathon 21 Club has welcomed runners from all over the world.  We’re proud of our goals and proud of our running but most of all, we’re proud of the remarkable people that make this club what it is.   The year 2005 started the Legacy level, but every year after the camaraderie and fun we share proves to be what keeps us coming back, and what brings new runners on board.

Thanks for visiting our site--we hope you’ll stick around!

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